RainWidget Documentation

What is RainWidget?

RainWidget is a powerful widget engine based on Chrome Core that allow you create stunning smooth animations widgets using the latest web technologies(JS HTML5 CSS3) for your desktop . You can easy download and share widgets one-click via build-in online widget gallary.

Why uses RainWidget?

RainWidget based on the powerful Chrome Browser Core and V8 JavaScript Engine, so you can use the last web technologies to place HTML5/CSS3 and javascript straight on your desktop. So RainWidget having the power to put any complex web application straight on your desktop quickly.

You can build a widget anyway you like, You even be able to port any existing web widget and with a bit of tweaking it should just work .

How to build widget?

The core of a widget is an HTML page where you define the location of the CSS, create any required divs and then call your javascript logic. You can get data from build-in measure components and bind data to HTML elements.